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About Altius poles

Altius Poles has been supplying high performance vaulting poles since 1990. Our poles are made of high grade materials for light weight and powerful performance.

Altius Poles sells fiberglass and carbon vaulting poles.

Altius Poles reasonable prices make our vaulting poles great for beginners as well as more advanced pole vaulters. Our poles are popular with high school athletes, college track teams, and vaulting clubs.

Altius poles experienced management is available to answer questions and help with purchase decisions.

Carl Erickson is a former track coach for Baylor and Texas Universities.

Jeff Erickson is currently a volunteer coach for Stephen F. Austin University.

Check out our News Page to see who is succeeding using our poles.


Our aim is for every vaulter to be successful, safe, and have the correct pole in order to achieve optimal performance. For that reason WE DO NOT SELL POLES ONLINE. Every Altius pole is uniquely constructed with each specific vaulter’s needs and requirements in mind.
Call or Email Jeff: 903-284-6205 – for a personal consultation. The most popular pole sizes are in stock and ready for delivery.

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